Online HVAC Design & Drafting Course in Hyderabad

Professional Diploma Course in HVAC

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Online HVAC Design & Drafting Course

Online HVAC Advanced course provides insight into the HVAC Designing, HVAC Drafting, HVAC installation and HVAC Servicing of HVAC systems.

HVAC Course in Hyderabad

Refrigeration Cycle, Heat load and Cooling Load Calculation (Manual and Software), Air Distribution system (Duct Design), Detail Explanation for DX, VRF, DVM, Package and Chill Water System, Ventilation Design, Hydronic System, Quantity Survey and Estimation, BOQ, System Selection, Codes and Standards, Technical Specifications and safety

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Online HVAC Courses

Introduction and Basics:

1. Categories of AC : All Air / All Water / Air- Water/ DX
2. Building Survey
3. Heat Load and Cooling Load Calc: Manual/ E-20 / HAP / CHVAC
4. Blower Calculation
5. Area Statement or Heat load Reports (Excel)
6. Air Terminals Units
• Types Of Air Terminals
• Selection of air terminals as per room

7. Air Distribution concept

• Selection Of Duct Materials
• Duct gauges concept and material
• Classification of Ducts and application
• Duct insulation materials
• Duct acoustics concept and application
• Sound attenuator selection
• Plenum box sizing
• VAV Selection
• Fan and pump Laws
• Types of dampers , selection
• Duct Routing- Preparation of single line diagram
• Layout preparation as per smacna
• Legends and duct supports
• Duct Opening
• Grilles and Diffusers
• Dehumidifier selection
• Estimation and Costing

8. Ventilation concept

• Types of ventilation
• Toilet Exhaust / Kitchen Exhaust / Car Parking
• Restaurant System Design
• Stairwell Pressurization Designing
• Selection and Design of Exhaust / Ventilation
• Estimation and Quantity Survey

9. VRF / VRV system design

• Pipe sizing
• Ref-net Joint
• Circuit Design

10. Chilled Water System

• Types of Chillers and installation standards
• Open and closed loop system
• GPM calculation
• Dual and Mag-lev Compressors and sensors used in chiller
• New Technologies in chiller
• Chilled beam designing and application
• Estimation and costing

11. Hydronic System Concepts

• Classification of Chilled water piping
• CHW piping material and application
• CHW pipe sizing ( as per standards)
• Pump head Calculation
• Calc for pump selection
• CHW pipe insulation types and application
• Common leader pipe sizing
• CHWS & CHWR pipe routing and layout
• Valves used in CHW
• District cooling pipe design concept
• Expansion tank sizing , selection , application .
• Estimation and costing

12. Air Handling Unit

• Types of AHUs and installation and Standards
• AHU hook –up / Fan/ Blower static calc
• Coil selection / Blower fan selection
• Filers and MERV ratings
• Economizer and Sensors used in control system

13. HVAC Performance Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)

1. Introduction to Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)
2. TAB Air system
a. Air Handling Unit: AHU types, Components, AHU testing and Evaluation of
a. Reserve AHU capacity
b. Fan: Types, Fan laws, Fan and System curves, Fan testing.
c. Measuring Instruments and Limitations
d. Measurement of Air flows:

3. TAB Hydronic system
a. Pumps: Types, Pump laws, pump and System curves, Pump testing
b. Types of pumping system: Primary, Primary-Secondary, Primary-Secondary
and Tertiary
c. Measurement of Hydronic flows:
d. TAB Hydronic system: Procedures, Balancing hydronic system
E. Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT)
1. Introduction to cleanrooms, types of cleanrooms and their applications
2. Understanding
• User Requirement Specifications (URS)
• Design Qualification (DQ),
• Installation Qualification (IQ),
• Operation Qualification (OQ) and
• Performance Qualification (PQ)
3. Understanding ISO 14644 Part 3 (Test Methods)

14. Cooling Tower :

• Tower selection procedure as per application
• Tower pipe sizing
• Condenser pump selection and calculation

15. QS Reports
16. Different types of BOQs and Report, Contractor/ Consultant / Supplier or Manufacturer
17. QC reports
18. Non conventional cooling system
• Evaporative cooling
• Mist Cooling
• Radient Cooling

19. System selection
20. HVAC Equipments
21. Commissioning of All systems
22. Codes and Standards
23. Sustainability Codes and standards
24. Examples for different types of designs
25. Technical Sales and BOQs
26. Tender Documents / Tender Specs
27. Project Management

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