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Quantity Survey & Quality Control Course

Best Quality Control, Quantity Survey & Planning Course Hyderabad

  • 120 Contact Hours
  • 60 Lecture Hours
  • 30 Lab Hours
  • 30 Hours On Site Training

  1. Understanding the Role of Quantity surveyor during Construction stage.
  2. How to READ the DRAWINGS
  3. More on UNITS and Dimensions with Practical Applications
  4. Estimation for Excavation Works.
  5. Estimation works for Footings or Underground
  6. Underground works : Shuttering, Steel, footing concrete calculation steps in EASY METHODS
  7. Estimation for above the Ground Works.
  8. Estimation for Plinth Beams, Columns, SLAB Beams, SLABS, etc.
  9. Estimation for Finishing Works, Brick work calculation, Plaster Calculation ( In and out), Painting, Wood Works calculation etc.
  10. Interior works Calculation and Important steps to REMEMBER while doing
  11. Quantity take off from Structural Drawings (Like RCC, PCC Reinforcement)
  12. Bar Bending schedule (BBS) like Footing, Column, Slab, Beam, Staircase etc.
  13. Bar Bending schedule making from AUTOCAD.
  14. Labour output analysis As per IS Code and as per DYNAMIC’S technique.
  15. Machinery output analysis As per IS Code and as per DYNAMIC’S technique.
  16. Rate analysis of all kind of civil work.
  17. Material Reconciliation of all kind of civil work
  18. Live Project site work and Drawings.
  19. Understanding the Role of Billing Engineer.
  20. Billing Procedure as per client side and contractor side.
  21. Client Bill making (RA Bill) with Formulation.
  22. Billing Engineer task in Head office and coordinate with all departments.
  23. Billing Engineer task in Site office and coordinate with site Engineers.
  24. Vendor Bill making (Sub contractors).
  25. Quantity Variation Clause as per Contract.
  26. Price Variation as per Gov. Rule.
  27. Extra Item Analysis of all kind of civil works with the help of BOQ.
  28. Mode of measurement as per IS Code.
  29. Tendering Document Preparation.
  30. Tendering Documents submission Guidelines.
  31. Technical Bidding as per Gov. Laws.
  32. Financial Or Price Bidding as per Gov.Laws.
  33. Statutory Documents preparations Techniques for the Tenders.
  34. Purchasing and Negotiation Techniques with Client.
  35. Understanding the Role of Contract Management.
  36. Preparation and Formulation of Construction contract Documents
  37. Procedure of contract management.
  38. Construction contract Arbitration and conciliation as per laws.
  39. Indian Laws for the construction contract management.
  40. Work Order preparation.
  41. Preparation of Construction schedules.
  42. Preparation of material procurement schedule & Material tracking.
  43. Delay report affecting work progress & sort outing report.
  44. Presentation of construction progress on monthly basis for client.
  45. Planning of the Project and Required Resources as Manpower, Material & Drawings etc.
  46. Ensuring effective co-ordination with various agencies supporting the project, such as Architecture, Structural design, Interiors and other sub-contractors for perfect and timely project delivery.
  47. MS project Basics
  48. Co-ordination with Sub-contractors & all Site Engineers.
  49. Formulation of Master Construction Program & Technical support to field construction.

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