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Onsite Execution

Onsite Execution Course (Civil & Mechanical Engineers)

Civil & Mechnical Engineers Procurement and contract management, Project Planning Implementation, Construction Technology, Contructional Architectural Layouts, Quality Safety

Onsite Execution Courses

Advanced Designing, Drafting, installation and servicing of HVAC systems. Heat load and Cooling Load Calculation (Manual and Software), Air Distribution system (Duct Design)


Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning, HVAC design Ventilation, Air Conditioning System, Duct Design and layouts, Heating and cooling load calculation, Chilled water system, HVAC Shop Drawing


MEP Designing, Layout of Sanitary Fixtures, Pipes Water supply, Water Pipe Drainage, Septic tanks, Soak Away Pits, Storm water Drainage, External water supply for Buildings, Garden Water Supply and Fountain

Civil (QC + QS)

Quality Control, Quantity Survey - Measurements, Inspections, Quality Checks or Monitoring of Process Parameters. Production Planning and Control, Statistical Quality, Quantity Management

HVAC, MEP, Civil Engineering Consulting