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HVAC Maintenance & Technician

Best HVAC Maintenance & Technician Course in Hyderabad

Throughout your program you’ll learn and practice HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, basic design, and troubleshooting.

HVAC Technician Course Syllabus


• Air Conditioning Fundamentals
• Refrigeration Fundamentals
• Principles of AC/DC
• Electrical Controls and Systems
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• DX Type
o Split Hi Wall AC
o Window Type
o Cassette Type
o Tower type
o Ductable Type
o Package Type
• VRV/ VRF Commissioning, Testing, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
• Chiller Plant Maintenance
• Gas Charging
• Flaring , Brazing (Ref-net Joints etc)
• Leak Testing ,Pressure Testing , Flushing
• Measuring Tools ( Voltmeter , Ammeter , Anemometer etc)
• Fault Finding , Replacement Of different Parts

Detail Syllabus

Reading Blueprints
Reading Schematics and Symbols
Mathematics in the Plant
Making Measurements
Metals in the Plant
Nonmetals in the Plant
Hand Tools
Portable Power Tools
Industrial Safety and Health
Troubleshooting Skills

Electrical Systems
Basic Electricity and Electronics
Transformers and AC Circuits
Electrical Safety and Protection
AC Control Equipment
Electrical Troubleshooting

Mechanical Systems
Basic Mechanics
Piping Systems
Basic Pneumatics

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
The Refrigeration Cycle
Refrigerants & Refrigerant Oils
Evaporators and Metering Devices
Condensers and Cooling Towers
Control Systems
Air-Handling Systems
System Troubleshooting


HVAC, MEP, Civil Engineering Consulting